The Hunsrück – experience pure nature…

P1180754Situated 420 m above sea level, Lötzbeuren is surrounded by meadows, forests and fields. The beautiful scenery forms an ideal background for walking, driving and riding. The views from high paths reach well into the Eifel region – another area of outstanding volcanic beauty.

During hot days you might prefer to escape into delightful valleys with clear flowing streams and craggy rocks or smooth plains with green meadows. In these places you can spend hours without meeting a human soul.
Let yourself listen to the rustling of the trees, the ripple of the brooks or the hammering of a woodpecker in the distance. Let birdsong and the rhythmic sound of horses hooves lull you to sleep. With a little luck you will see a deer or a lizard as they enjoy basking in the forest sunlight. You will find yourself refreshed and energized.

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